Rediscovering scrapbooking

Posted on May 8, 2010


I’ve loved arts and crafts ever since I was a kid. I’ve dabbled in a lot – first, painting and drawing then moving on to crafts like crochet and cross-stitching. But when I graduated from university and started earning my own money, I discovered paper crafts. Of all kinds. And that was when I hoarded paper. I was addicted to paper, especially handmade ones.

The first projects I made were greeting cards. They were quite nice, if I may say so myself, so I decided to make a small business out of it. One of my first customers was my aunt, who loved one of my Christmas cards so much she told me she’s going to buy about 20+ to send to friends…that’s when I got too attached to my card and decided…I’M OUT OF THE BUSINESS! I told myself I won’t succeed in an enterprise like that because I get too attached to my works and I won’t be able to sell anything 😆

After handmade cards, I got addicted to quilling then moved on to punch art and scrapbooking. I remember making only 1 scrapbook at that time, and I gave it as a going-away present for our teacher, Corrie-sensei, who was leaving the Philippines for good. I only used an ordinary magnetic album because scrapbooking albums were a little expensive then. 😀

Last year, I discovered that I had lots of memorabilia lying around in my house) mostly from my trips with Schatz): plane tickets, travel brochures, boarding passes, movie tickets, event receipts. Yes, I’m such a hoarder and I couldn’t bear to throw these odds and ends, and what better way to keep them than to ‘immortalize’ them in scrapbooks 😀

But it was only in April of this year that I really got serious about it. I bought loads of stuff like paper, embellishments and tools to start my scrapbooks and for the past weeks, I’ve been spending some 2-3 hours working on layouts. I must admit I’m quite out of practice and I still get some help and inspiration from books and magazines like Creating Keepsakes, and sites like Sassy Lil Sketches. But I’m really enjoying this hobby, and I expect to get better in no time. 😀

Here are the layouts I’ve finished so far:

Star City

Our souvenir photos and wrist tags from Star City, January 2009

Paper – All about Scrapbooking, Mead
Rickrack and “enjoy” tag – Hullabaloo
“having fun” cutout – Papemelroti
Buttons – All about Scrapbooking

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland movie tickets, March 2010

I couldn’t think of anything to do with this layout, except make a hat that hopefully looks a bit like Johnny Depp’s top hat. 😀 Schatz did the journaling for this layout.
Paper – Provo Craft and some papel de Japon (which is not really Japanese paper :D)
Letter stickers – Hallmark
Journaling diecut – Papemelroti

To be continued on the next post…

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