Amuro Namie’s Coke Zero commercial in the Philippines!

Posted on June 17, 2010


A lot of buzz has been going around about the latest Amuro Namie CM for Coke Zero. I was quite ecstatic about it!! About time! More Japanese and less Korean, please. Haha.

Is it just me, or does she look much younger than she did years ago? It’s hard to believe she’s 33 years old this year, and a mother to a 12-year-old son. I wish I’d be as hot as her when I have my own kid! 😀 Really pretty too. She’s Okinawan, you know. Gackt is, too and my boyfriend is part Okinawan, ahahahaha. (But Kento-san insists he is Ainu. Toink!)

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Here is Amuro’s Coke Zero CM. I just wish they didn’t put “Japanese singing sensation” – somehow, I get this ‘flash in the pan’ vibe from that term. She’s more than that – she’s a superstar!

I wish Gail-san were in PH to see the Amuro storm hit the country. But then again, she must be getting huge daily doses of Amuro in good ol’ Nippon!

日本語の勉強と安室奈美恵 – Gail’s winning contest piece – how’s that for a tribute from an Amuro fangirl? 🙂

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