Happy birthday, Sir Paul McCartney!

Posted on June 17, 2010


A very happy 68th birthday to James Paul McCartney! Thank you for the years of beautiful music and inspiration 🙂

I’ve been a big Beatles fan since I was…IDK 5 years old…and I used to think it would be cool to marry him. Then in high school, I ‘discovered’ his son James, who I thought was very hot because hotness runs in the blood. But don’t worry, Mr. McCartney. I’ve found the man I want to marry, and I don’t fancy your son anymore 🙂

Birthday boy, Paul McCartney

Here is one of my favorite videos of Paul when the band was still together:

I told Schatz♥ to text me right away when he comes across Paul in London. As if. Haha. But you never know, right?

Paul and Ringo, duh! 😀

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