KFC Double Down – calorie love?!

Posted on November 23, 2010


I have been craving for KFC’s latest product, the Double Down for over a week now. I already went to 4 different branches (Gateway, MRT Ayala, Shangri-la, Farmers Plaza) and it was always sold out! But tonight was my lucky night — finally got one from Farmer’s. Actually, I already bought spaghetti for dinner, but when I saw that the ‘sold out’ sign was gone, I fell in line right away. I’m such a KFC girl, haha. My my friend once said: Mabait si Cat; wag mo lang pakikialaman ang lagi nyang pagkain sa KFC 😉

My pretty little calorie sandwich ♥

The Double Down is not exactly a sandwich since it does not have bread. It is bacon, cheese and mayo in between two KFC patties. My male teammate’s winner comment: Calories. Funny hearing that from a guy. But whatever. I didn’t peek inside to check how many bacon slices were there; I hardly tasted it anyway. The chicken was absolutely perfect. MY verdict: YUM. ♥ Actually, halfway through my Double Down, I seriously thinking of buying rice. It was a little salty, and I read on the net that the sodium content of one Double Down is almost 100% of the American Heart Association’s health guidelines. Ouch. But it’s not as if I’m going to eat this every single day. Maybe another one again on Thursday, if it isn’t sold out!

I loved my KFC dinner, and I was very satisfied until I saw something that almost made me throw up all the calories I ate:

Mga sinaunang JEJEMON!

One of my high school classmates Erick posted this pic on Facebook – circa Neanderthal period! Back then, these guys probably thought they were cool. But now, NOT!! Everybody’s having a good laugh over the photo. Mga kaklase kong tipaklong 😀

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