A hectic week – what a way to start December

Posted on December 3, 2010


What a draining week. I was doing overtime work since Monday – after the daily and monthend tasks, I was also training with my teammate for MORE monthend tasks! She’s recently announced her resignation and as early as now, she’s already handing over some of her duties. The problem with monthend stuff is that you only get to do them 2x a month so you tend to forget them. >_< So help me, God.

Today, my day started out rather badly. I must have accidentally turned my alarm off. I woke up with a jolt, realizing it was almost 6am and my car service was waiting downstairs. Now I have a really bad headache and I am feverish. Nothing like a good, long sleep can’t solve, though.

BUT on a lighter note, I have lots of reasons to be happy today. One, it looks like our day is going to end early, thank God! We’ve sent out all our PnLs and we’re already doing our end-of-day tasks (and I’m blogging as well, haha).

Two, free lunch! One of our groupmates from the Tokyo team is celebrating her birthday and she bought lunch for everyone. We had the unofficial birthday feast of Amber’s pancit malabon, pichi-pichi, pork barbeque and chicken lollipops. (Buddy’s pancit Lucban is the 2nd unofficial birthday pancit). We bought a couple of cakes for her. I am so full and dulce de leche is oozing out of my nose.

Three, I just remembered that this day marks the 20th year of my first communion 😛 Odd that I remember something like that when I don’t even remember my grade school graduation, which is just as special to me and my parents.

Four, I noticed that I climbed up the Topblog rankings in ‘Home and Living’, hekhek. I feel loved ♥

Five, it’s December! One of the best times of the year, and I only realised it yesterday. Since starting with this company, my ‘body calendar’ has been wired to T+1, meaning I remember events only the day AFTER (T+1 means we report yesterday’s numbers today). Because Christmas is near, my teammate is already making a wish list — in Excel (how nerdy) 😀 I made my own wish list too –though anyone with a good heart can get these for me any time of the year, these items are especially appreciated for Christmas 2010 😀

1. Skechers Shape Ups – Talk about shoes that are made for walking 😀 I have read many great reviews about these, but the best thing is how these help improve the wearer’s posture. The bottom of the shoes are not flat, so you have to exert more effort in keeping your balance and holding yourself straight. For a person with a bad posture since childhood, this is great news. I saw this in Glorietta 5 — it costs more than a nice pair of running shoes!

Skechers Shape Ups in Mary Janes

2. Amazon Kindle 3G – I might stop pining for an iPad if I can get a Kindle. For me, nothing beats a fat, dog-eared paperback, but I can’t own too many books because my apartment is really small. With a Kindle, I can own hundreds of books, even out-of-print ones. Sweet!

Mouthwatering, ain't it?

3. Starting Over: The Making of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy – Actually, any Lennon book would do but I like this one in particular because it shows the more ‘mellow’ side of John — as a house husband to Yoko and as a doting father to Sean.

Ack, that kiss!

4. Taboo – I played this game a couple of times before and it’s a really fun party game! Click here to learn more about Taboo. Taboo is available at all Calvin and Hobbes Hobbes and Landes stores in Manila.

5. A pair of poi from Planet Zips – I first learned about zipping and pois from my friend and colleague Elaine, who brought a pair during one company outing. Zipping has been her ‘morning ritual’ since she enrolled in classes; it looked really fun and I wanted to join the classes too, but at that time, there were very few classes being held (Elaine’s was in Alabang, which wasn’t very convenient for me because I lived in QC). Now, Planet Zips has classes in many Metro Manila areas and I can attend any day I want, as soon as I get my hands on THIS particular pink-and-yellow pair 🙂

A wish so many years in the making!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

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