CHAYA Restaurant: A Japanese gem in breezy Baguio

Posted on December 17, 2010


During a recent trip to Baguio, moderator and my pseudo little sister Lara-chan introduced me to other members living up there. I finally got to meet one of our forum artists LJ, as well as Michi and Juliet. They were nice enough to bring me to this new Japanese place they heard of from their Nihongo teacher.

CHAYA opened in late September and is located on Legarda Road, just near the Europa Condo Villas. Outside, it looks more like a log cabin than a Japanese restaurant. The interior also gives that same comfy home-in-the-mountain ambience, fireplace and all. A special attraction at CHAYA is the myna that speaks in NIHONGO! How cool is that? She can say ‘Ohayou’ and other simple phrases but is quite shy when there are lots of people around.

CHAYA living room. From left: Me, Michi, LJ, Lara, Juliet

We were welcomed by the lovely owner and head chef, Miss Sonoko Taguchi. I don’t know how long she has been living in Baguio, but she speaks English very well and her Filipino skills were great. Taguchi-san was very patient in making suggestions for orders (we were very indecisive because everything in the menu looked good). After much thinking, we settled on having rice and miso soup with the following:

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Sashimi platter



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