Friday 5 for December 17: Excursion

Posted on December 17, 2010


Yay for Friday! 😀

I thought this day would never come — it’s been a very busy week at work, because A is not around since last week and we’re all sort of dividing the work into 4 people (including the dreaded end-of-day admin stuff). I am still at work, killing time while waiting for the 6pm HAT PARTY!

  1. Of excursions you remember taking in elementary school, which was your favorite? -When we went to the Coca-cola Factory (because of the unlimited Coke, haha) and to Jose Rizal’s home in Laguna. I even went back to that house when I became an adult because I really loved the place. It’s like breathing in Rizal himself 😛
  2. Of excursions you remember taking in elementary school, which was your least favorite? – I don’t have any. I’ve always loved field trips and I never missed one.
  3. What seems like a really good school excursion destination that nobody seems to take? – Corregidor. It’s such a beautiful place and easily accessible from Manila, but you have to take a ferry and I can imagine how that can be a logistical nightmare for school tour organizers.
  4. Which of your recent activities might pass for an educational excursion? – Our Palawan trip back in August was educational and fun 🙂 the Baguio one, not so much.
  5. When a sack lunch was needed for a field trip, what was most likely in your brown paper bag? How about now? – Usually adobo and rice, because it does not spoil easily. If I were to go on a field trip NOW, I would take an onigiri. Feeling Japanese 😉

This fun list is from Friday Five. ^_^

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