Friday 5 for December 24: Condiments

Posted on December 24, 2010


This meme is not very holiday, isn’t it? 😛

  1. What’s something that demands ketchup? – French fries and fried chicken
  2. What’s the best thing to do with the leftover packets of cheese and red-pepper flakes you get with pizza delivery? – Add to pasta sauce. Yum!
  3. What’s something (besides salad) that’s good with salad dressing? – If it isn’t too wet, dressing should be ok for sandwiches/wraps.
  4. What’s a condiment you’re especially brand-loyal to? – UFC Banana Ketchup and Jufran Banana Ketchup – no one touches Max’s Fried Chicken except for Jufran!
  5. What’s the weirdest use of condiments you’ve seen by other people? – I remember this TV ad by Mang Tomas — they just smothered rice with lechon sauce. Really now!

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