The Feast PICC yearend concert: Pamaskong Handog

Posted on December 27, 2010


I haven’t had the chance to complete my blogs about the 2010 Kerygma Conference — too much stuff still on ‘Draft’ status. But I’ll definitely post them BEFORE the 2011 KCon 😀

There is no Feast at the PICC this week; we had the last one on the 19th. Instead of Bro. Bo’s usual inspirational talk and worship session after the Holy Mass, we were treated to a fun concert! Bro. Randy Borromeo opened the show with his trademark deadpan jokes and then called to the stage the Kerygma 5 minus 1. They said Bro. Arun Gogna was in India to collect payments for his ”pautang”. Anu ba? 😀

Bro. Randy Borromeo

Kerygma 5 minus 1

I absolutely loved their APO medley. Somehow it doesn’t matter anymore that the real Apo Hiking Society is no longer active in the music scene, because K5 did great justice to the songs. My favourite was definitely ‘When I Met You’ ♥ . After the medley, the preachers sang their own solo numbers.

Bro. Jon Escoto - Just a Love Song (Yes, he wrote "How to Find Extraordinary Joy @ Work" 😀

Bro. Adrian Panganiban - Ale (Yes, in case you're wondering, he was THE Adrian Panganiban of 'Apat na Sikat' -- got that from my mom 😀

Bro. Obet Cabrillas - Himala (he said he looks like Bamboo, although I think he's more of a cross between Bamboo and Jay-R, the R&B singer. The barefoot performance and jumping-around-the-stage were cool, BTW)

Bro. Alvin Barcelona - Liwanag sa Dilim (The rocker-preacher brought the house down with his version)

After K5, Bro. Adrian introduced a special guest, “Sister Stella L” – who turned out to be popular comedienne Ai-ai delas Alas, costumed as a nun! After a short comedy routine, she also promoted her movie ‘Ang Tanging Ina’ — I found it funny how she couldn’t use the word play on the title because according to her, she has to act ‘holy’. After that, she pranced around the stage with her number ‘It’s Raining Men’, only she changed it to ‘It’s Raining Grace’. Quite fitting, since she admitted that she used to lead a wayward life (being in show business and all) and how her ex-husband used to beat her up. But with the grace of God, she left all that behind, and she is now enjoying tremendous success in all aspects of her life.

Ai-ai delas Alas 'complaining' that she couldn't hear much because of her headdress

After the song, she went to the wings, stripped off her costume and sang the Journey songs “Open Arms” and “Faithfully” (another fave of mine!)

No longer Sister Stella L.

After Ai-ai’s very funny segment, K5 was back on the stage with another OPM medley, this time I didn’t recognize any of the songs 😦 Then they called Bro. Bo Sanchez on stage, and together, they sang ‘Pasko na, Sinta ko’. During the song (and Bro. Bo’s short talk later), the camera kept on zooming in Bro. Bo’s lovely wife Marowe — who gamely hammed it up for the camera. I especially LOL’ed when she gestured “Ang haba ng hair ko!”

Bro. Bo sings with the K5 (I think I have a pretty good idea who did that barong -- the answer is "the guy on Bro. Bo's left", hehe)

It was a great performance, a wonderful way to end the year and I am very happy I got up my lazy ass. I almost missed it because I was too sleepy and didn’t want to go all the way to PICC. I figured I can hear mass at the church nearby.

No Feast today at the PICC, so I’m feeling a little bored. Somehow, my Sundays are no longer complete without going to the Feast. Funny, eh? I never thought I’d say something like that. But it’s true. The Feast has been my home for the past few weeks, and has been a source of blessings, enlightenment, encouragement, and all good things amidst all of the things that have been happening to my life. I can never thank my friend ‘Sunshine’ enough for twisting my arm inviting me to the Kerygma Conference and the Feast.

Anyway, The PICC Feast resumes on January 2nd, 2011 with a  new series of talks from Bro. Bo Sanchez.

Talk #1 – See the blessings
Talk #2 – Speak the blessings
Talk #3 – Grow the blessings
Talk #4 – Enjoy the blessings

The talks will resume some days later at different Feast venues all over Metro Manila, as well as places like Bulacan, Laguna, and Angeles.

I cannot wait!!! – Get A Megadose of Blessing. And Take Your Life To A New Direction.

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