Happy new year 2011!

Posted on January 1, 2011


How did your new year’s eve celebration go?

I had a nice one, although I had a very hard time staying up until midnight.  NHK’s Kouhaku Utagassen kept me awake, but barely. The sight of Fukuyama Masaharu and Kimura Takuya were my motivations to stay up.  I almost fell asleep until I remembered that I have my prosperity candles to light up at 11:30pm. It’s a favourite new year custom of my sister and mine and I was able to get some this year from a seller outside the church.

Funny because I was cheering on the money and career candles, but here’s how my candles turned out:

2011 Prosperity Candles

Blue – peace
Pink – love
Red – health
Yellow – intelligence
Violet – spiritual growth
Green – money
Orange – career

Anu ba naman yan?? 😀

During Boxing Day, I was clearing up some stuff in my apartment and I was about to throw away some wrapping paper when I saw a small red envelope stuck to them. Turns out it contained some money from my aunt!! And I almost threw money away! Buti na lang…>_< And I got the new bills released by the Bangko Sentral. I like the designs…like Seiko Wallet, international pa ang mga design 😉 Actually, as long as it’s legal tender, I don’t care how it looks – I just want to have more, hehe.

The new P20 bill from the Bangko Sentral

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! ♥

Hey cutie!

Here's to a year full of blessings: love, happiness, success, health and wealth!

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