“Restore” series: Relationship with God

Posted on January 1, 2011


I wanted to share the summaries of the talks by Bro. Bo Sanchez entitled “Restore”, his last series for 2010. I got these from the newsletter passed out to Feast attendees every Sunday and I think they are too good not to share. I hope these posts will eventually inspire you to attend the Feast one day 🙂


Returning to God

Bro. Bo Sanchez, talking about Returning to God, the first talk in the new Feast series titled Restore, reflected on the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15: 11-23, who after squandering his inheritance, had no choice but to return to his father. Despite the son’s sins, the father still warmly welcomed him, giving him 3 gifts: the father’s robe which symbolizes righteousness, his ring which symbolizes his authority, and his sandals which symbolize sonship, or the blessings and privilege of being the son of the master of the household. Bro. Bo pointed out that the son did not have to repent to be restored in his father’s home. It is the same in the kingdom of our merciful God, who loves us without condition: restoration results in repentance — not the other way around. God waits for our return to Him, and just like the father has gifts for his son, God has a table of blessings for us. All we need is to come close to Him and get our portion. Bro. Bo added that we may even get double our portion to be shared to others.


Bro. Bo has written a blog about this talk, and you can read it on his blog: Get your robe, your ring and your sandals

IMHO, while it is always great to read his blogs, hearing him in person makes the messages hit home faster. That is the reason why I always go to the PICC Feast every Sunday, despite the long commute it takes me 😀

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