I’ve been to “Hell WTF”

Posted on January 8, 2011


What I thought would be a routine Saturday turned out to be quite depressing.

This morning, I woke up early for my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) seminar. They only have this once a year and it’s great that I finally got to attend. Again, it is because of my career mentor that I learned of the seminar. She even lent me her calculator, because there was a calculator training as well. I learned loads and picked up useful study tips from chartered professionals. It is going to be a very busy time for me and it looks like I won’t be back at the Nihongo Center in the next 3-4 years, because the exam will be my priority starting this month.

After the seminar, I rushed to a clinic in Shangri-la for my annual physical examination (APE). I even had my stool sample ready. Pfft. When I got there, I was surprised to find a lot of people waiting, and learned that more than half of those were from our company. Duh, talk about last minute appointments. I was waiting for my last procedure when I heard a familiar name called. It was JV*, one of my former MIS teammates. While chatting, she mentioned she’s going with R (another teammate) to visit ‘Yo’ in Makati. I was just texting Yo last night and thought she didn’t sound too well, so I thought she was hospitalized or something. But JV wasn’t telling me what was wrong with Yo, and for a while, so many nasty things were going through my head.

I told her I’m coming with them and asked her where Yo is, so she told me “you know where that place so-and-so is?” and I said yes and wondered why on earth would she be at such a place. Had she eloped with someone from there?

Then JV said Yo is at the place beside so-and-so. Apparently, JV is not familiar with the area but I am. So I began mentally listing all the landmarks there. With a sinking feeling, I realized where we were headed. Hell. WTF.

While we were on the way to ‘hell WTF’, I tried to keep it cool, pretended that I wasn’t affected and worried. But when we got there, I felt my chest constrict. I couldn’t breathe and somehow, I wished it was a cruel prank on me.

When we got to the room where Yo is, R was already there and from the window, I could see them chatting and laughing. If it were a normal situation, I would immediately assume that they were chatting about our common crush, the cutie from the London office.

From the window, I waved at Yo happily. Stupidly. As if it were the venue for such silly happiness. It was surreal.

I handed her the stuff JV and I bought from Kimono Ken in Shangri-la. I initially thought of bringing her flowers, but when I finally understood the situation, I knew flowers were a stupid idea. Good thing we got her favorite potato croquettes. I also bought spam musubi for her, a new item on the Kimono Ken menu.

She wasn’t eating a lot for the past couple of days, but she was like ‘yaaaaaay!’ when she saw the korokke 🙂 She also liked the spam musubi. After that, I gave her my ensaymada (which I got from the seminar) and she ate that as well. Given the situation she is in, I was happy to see that she ate everything. At least, she is getting her appetite back.

But it would take some time for things to go back to normal. I am relieved that at least, she acts and talks normal. I am just amazed at how strong she is and how maturely she is handling things. And this is without her family around. I think they only learned of her situation, and they live many miles away from Manila. And not even in Luzon.

Hopefully by Monday, things will be much, much better.

On my way home, I was feeling depressed at what happened. Angry at the people involved. Felt helpless. I tried to take my mind off of it but I couldn’t. I forced myself to cry it didn’t work.

Starting tonight, I will be saying a novena to St Padre Pio for her. I learned of this novena when I walked in on my tita reciting the prayer at home. I read on the net that intercessions of St Padre Pio resulted in miraculous healing in impossible cases.

My aunt had a stroke in December, but was out of the hospital in about a week. Another week later, she could already walk on her own (albeit with a slight limp). The last time I saw her, I think the only ‘affliction’ she feels is BOREDOM and she was raring to go back to work in January. I think Padre Pio had a lot to do about it. I know he can intercede for Yo in this situation as well, and she will soon get the miracles she needs.

God knows.
And because He knows, He is in control.
Leave everything to God.

* I changed the names of all my friends in this post

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