I worship Amami Yuuki

Posted on February 11, 2011


Wooohoo, back from the dead!

The past two months have been extremely busy, with Brenda leaving the company. The work of 6 people is now being done by 4, since we were short of one even before she left.

I am training someone else to take over some of my work, and I will move to a bigger role in 2 weeks. Which means, more OT hours. Actually, I have never left the office on time since the start of the year. It was so bad that even Dennis who used to be “on-da” (on the dot) all the time is no longer able to leave at exactly 3pm.

On top of that, I already received my curriculum/books & I have started studying for my December exam. I need to “consume” 6 fat volumes, with each volume weighing over a kilo. Ahahaha. I am still on the first part but I am really excited for the 2nd book, Economics. I reckon it will be like being back in college 😀

On a better note, we received our 2011 salary increases and 2010 bonuses. It was ♥ ♥ ♥. Thank you, Lord!! You rock!! 😀


This will be a short one, a tiny blip in WWW to show how much I worship the goddess named Amami Yuuki. I’ve seen her in BOSS, now watching her in Joou no Kyoushitsu and GOLD and I can’t seem to get enough of Amami goodness.

Here is a gem of a performance as Rhett Butler back in the early 90s. Just a rough translation of her dialogue: Farewell, Scarlett. You will surely overcome anything。Farewell, Scarlett. I could not bid you farewell…I could not say it straight to you.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, Amami Yuuki is a SHE. She was a former top star of the all-female theatre group, Takarazuka Revue, and it is obvious WHY she is a top star. (Speaking of Takarazuka, I know I have a “Tomu Ranju as Phoenix Wright” pic somewhere in this blog, and I think her eye makeup is even scarier than Amami-san’s)

If you are a Filipino who is also a fan of her, please join us at www.Japinoy.com.
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