“Drenched” series: Grow the Blessings

Posted on February 27, 2011


In Grow the Blessings, Talk 3 in the series Drenched, Bro. Bo Sanchez emphasized that “God gives us seeds, not fruits.” Bro. Bo added that we have to grow the seeds or the blessings that God has already given us.

One can either be a beggar who prays he will receive fruits, or a farmer who asks for seeds and plants them. We all start as beggars, like little babies who depend on God for all things, but this should not be a permanent situation. God wants us to become farmers who grow their seeds by plowing, planting, persevering, and finally producing.

To illustrate his point, Bro. Bo called onstage his youngest son Francis who gave a perfect rendition of the Broadway song Tomorrow. Bro. Bo said Francis listened to the song several times, because, the boy said, “That’s how I will become better.”

That is the way to grow our blessings.

From being a dependent beggar, and then to an enterprising farmer, we can go to a level higher to be a beggar-farmer who believes that every
blessing comes from God, works on it, and gives it back to God, totally depending on Him.

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