Chizu Saeki’s 3-minute lotion mask: revisited

Posted on August 8, 2011


Shiseido The Skincare Hyro Nourishing Softener

I have to admit that since I wrote about my experience with Saeki- sensei’s lotion mask, I was on and off with the routine, especially since work became extremely busy.

But now, no matter how stressed and tired I am at night, I make it a point to make myself a lotion mask. Most of the time, I leave it on longer than the recommended 3 minutes. My skin simply loves it and I can clearly see beautiful results. I do notice a difference on the days I didn’t make a mask.

Throughout the months, I have even gotten better with my mask. It doesn’t look as ratty as the first pic I posted before. Haha. Also, after finishing my Kanebo Impress lotion, I experimented with other brands. I rotate my lotions every week too. Here is my current lotion army:

1. Shiseido The Skincare Hydro-Nourishing Softener – This is almost as expensive as Kanebo at P2950 but so much better. When used as is, it does the job of moisturizing well. But when used with a lotion mask, it is way better! I love that my skin feels like a baby’s butt after. Haha. I am looking forward to trying the lotion from the White Lucent line too.

2. Shiseido Hadasui (pink and blue) – For some reason, this didn’t do much for me. My skin did not feel any difference at all. So I now use it as an after-shower splash and as a face mist.

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