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Easy Japanese curry goes meatless

August 22, 2011


Japanese curry is one of the dishes that I can quickly whip up. It is very easy to make with just a few ingredients, which I always have in my pantry and fridge. I first learned how to cook curry after I played Cooking Mama. Haha. Then I cross-checked the recipe online, just to confirm […]

Taho Boy – my saviour!

June 29, 2011


Months of craving for taho are now officially over! I discovered Taho Boy at the food court of SM Makati – this has been my dinner for 3 days straight. Tonight, I got the largest one – venti taho, as I call it 🙂 Hot and sweet with squishy sago – truly a comfort food […]


May 19, 2011


Or “one of the bestest restaurants in Global City”. That’s probably an accurate description of Mozu Cafe Bar. I first learned of Mozu when my teammates brought me there for a late lunch. They recommended that I get one of the bestsellers, crispy binagoongang baboy. Was I wowed! Their version of this Filipino favourite is […]

Craving for food? What’s on your list?

May 9, 2011


While I am starving in the office, I came across this post from my friend’s blog. He listed his favourites, and I thought I’d list mine too. This post is not helping my stomach at all! 😀 Burger – Sango’s tonkatsu burger Fried Chicken – Max’s, Savory, KFC original recipe Shawarma – Khaleb shawarma Dumplings – none […]

Lucban longanisa, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

April 28, 2011


 Now that my sister is home again, it means I will have an endless supply of Lucban longanisa. Mwahahaha! Her boyfriend is from Lucban and he regularly brings longanisa offerings to us 😛 Packs of longanisa practically occupies about half of the freezer at home and I had to get creative on ways to cook […]

Bento #41 and the “Smells” incident

January 20, 2011


Yet another “back-to-bento” bento Yes, I am back to bringing lunch to work. I was sort of forced into it, because of a little incident that happened at work. But more on that later. More importantly, bento is my way of eating more healthy stuff and of course, saving money at the same time. I […]

CHAYA Restaurant: A Japanese gem in breezy Baguio

December 17, 2010


During a recent trip to Baguio, moderator and my pseudo little sister Lara-chan introduced me to other members living up there. I finally got to meet one of our forum artists LJ, as well as Michi and Juliet. They were nice enough to bring me to this new Japanese place they heard of […]