Posted on April 13, 2004


my life in early april

april 1, thursday

april fools day…i happened to finish writing my resignation letter and i was supposed to hand it to my supervisor. unfortunately, she wasn’t around. the big boss wasn’t, too. so i had no other choice but to hand it in the following day.

april 2, friday

in the morning, i was still trying to gather up my courage to finally submit my resignation letter. i was thinking, maybe i was making a stupid mistake by quitting. or it could be one of the best decisions i will ever make in my whole life. in the afternoon, i was able to do it. clem, my super-duper-supervisor, was a bit shocked but got over it quickly. we talked for quite a while…she asked my the reasons why i wanted to quit. so i told her everything. i wanted to go back to school and i wanted a job that will help pay for the school fees. grad school doesn’t come cheap, especially at de la salle. and i wanted a job that has a more or less fixed working schedule, and no unexpected overtime. i also told her, while trying to keep my tears from falling, that i am looking for professional and personal growth. i felt that my responsibilities at the office had become, well, not so challenging. so i am looking for a job that will ensure that i keep on growing. clem understood my situation; she said she fully supports whatever i wanted to do in my life *sob, sob* she also told me that she had been in the same situation before…i thought it was freaky! i mean, whatever’s happening to me right now happened to her several years back! and look at her now…anyway, she did not persuade me to stay, and i appreciated that. if i wasn’t happy with my job anymore, she said i will never be as effective as i was when i started this job more than a year ago. anyway, she told me that we have to talk to the big boss the following week to formalize my resignation. i wasn’t looking forward to that.

later, after talking to her, i got a text message from my classmate, gigi-san, informing me that THE MIDTERM EXAMS HAD BEEN POSTPONED TO AFTER THE HOLY WEEK!!! woohoo!! what a blessing! i was actually planning to study the whole night, without a minute of sleep and then comes this message. wow! turns out, sensei had to re-write the exams so he had to move the examination date to april 17, with april 10 (black saturday) being a holiday.

april 3, saturday

with no exams, you would think that everyone in class would just sit back and relax our brains (or mouths) for a while. but no…turns out, everyone had so many questions for sensei about the past lessons and it was a good thing that we didn’t have exams that day! nobody seemed to have prepared enough! if it wasn’t bad enough, sensei gave us some additional kanji and reading selection to study. i must be a prophet or something…because the selection was about blood types and personalities! ha! we found out that half of the class are b-type people while the rest (myself included) are o-types. sensei is a-type. maeda-san, the japanese lady who was observing our class, is also type b. if i remember correctly, the selection said type o people are the leader types…and the selfish people. haha! so true!

later, after class, we (grace, gigi, gigi’s son marty and myself) went over to maricel sasaki’s house. she’s making us lunch! i specifically ‘ordered’ tonkatsu. ^_^ when we got there, i tried to help her but she shooed me out of the kitchen, hehe. my cute little pal, and maricel’s daughter, kozue just got back from her ballet class. daichi, her equally cute kid brother, was there too, running all over the place. cel wasn’t kidding; daichi can be quite a handful. now that he has learned how to walk, he wants to try and climb all the furniture in the house!

it was a feast! we had tonkatsu, ebi furai, veggie salad, miso soup. maricel’s older sister, maribel, made us some onigiri-zushi!! we almost drowned in our drool, hehe! the food was so yummy we kept on kidding each other, ‘oi, don’t forget to breathe’! the food was that good.

after eating and after gigi and grace had left, i was still at the sasaki home, too full to move and too lazy to go home. i was playing peek-a-boo with daichi, and kozue was laughing with us. they were so cute! i really love playing the two of them, especially with kozue because she can understand almost everything i say in japanese. she even sang for me, though i couldn’t understand what she was saying because she still can’t get all the words out properly. but it was cute, just the same.

later, i went with maricel for coffee and some more chat. after that, i got a new swim suit…and that cute sleeveless blouse i saw at cinderella weeks ago. i didn’t want to buy it before; i was trying to control my credit card spending. but that day, i had some cash with me so i ended up buying the blouse, hehe. ^_^

to be continued…

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